Charlie Gaddy

265728-charliegaddy-400x300[1]“A great book, and one that I have revisited a number of times is Washington Goes To War by David Brinkley. This compelling page-turner by, in my opinion, one of the elite television news writers of all time, is the story of one of the most unique times in our history. Historians define WW ll as THE defining event of the 20th century. Brinkley provides a riveting inside look at President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s preparations for wartime, and the transformation of Washington city. FDR held more power for a longer period time than any President in American history.He had no patience for the glacial crawl of the entrenched bureaucracy, over which he installed his New Dealers who often moved with warp speed at the behest of the President.

Washington Goes to War book cover

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Brinkley covers the leaders, the critics, the buffoons, the social scene, even the problem of where the thousands of young people pouring into Washington for wartime jobs would find a place to sleep.

This rare time, when young men enlisted before their draft notices arrived, when Americans accepted shortages of cigarettes, gas and tires, then reached into their wallets to buy war bonds, is perhaps the last time we as a nation were truly united for a common cause.”

Charlie Gaddy, award-winning WRAL television anchor (ret.), named to the Mid-South Emmy Award Silver Circle