Dave Goren


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“I was a 10-year-old sixth grader when Ball Four was published, and after all of the benign baseball stories I had been reading since I was able to read, this one opened my eyes to the reality of sport. Sure, I enjoyed all of the naughty stuff and bathroom humor that 10-year-old sixth graders probably shouldn’t have been reading about, but I also liked the way Jim Bouton described the ups and downs of life as a major league baseball player. As I grew into a sports media career, Ball Four helped me understand that no matter how much fame and fortune athletes had, they were still human beings — some better than me, some worse than me, some just like me. The only difference? They have off-the-chart athletic skills.”

Dave Goren, Executive Director of the National Sportscasters and Sportswriters Association & Hall of Fame Goren1