Bob’s Book Reviews

A nonprofit website designed to bring readers to reviews/recommendations highlighting older books that Bob believes deserve a good dusting off.  Positive book reviews by Bob would range from Bill Bryson’s The Lost Continent “Travels In Small-Town America” (1989); “Eyewitness to PowerEssence of Leadership Nixon to Clinton, by David Gergen (2000); Last Days of Summer, the novel by Steve Kluger; A Confederacy of Dunces, the novel by John Kennedy Toole (1980); Wait Till Next Year—A Memoir, Doris Kearns Goodwin; to Cavett, a 1974 autobiography of Dick Cavett.

Looking for recommendations from notable readers — everyone from bestselling authors Bill Bryson and Nelson DeMille to eight-time Emmy-award winning writer and producer Jonathan Hock? Just click on Notables’ Notes at the top of the page.

The WRAL.COM icon on the home page links readers to WRAL Channel 5’s excellent website, a site millions visit weekly. Page Turners from the Past will be excerpted monthly on the WRAL.COM Entertainment page.

As to the V Foundation for Cancer Research icon,  Jim Valvano, the famous NC State basketball coach, was an English major and a voracious reader. Here, with a single click readers of Page Turners from the Past can go to the V Foundation, an entity that has—to date—raised more than $150 million to fight this dreaded disease.  Contributions to this most worthy charity are greatly encouraged.

One never knows what books Bob might find fascinating. Again, although he is a fan of many of the blockbusters from the past, his review list, this being a niche gathering, will feature winners that his followers/readers may have missed.

So don’t look for reviews limited to Bob’s big-time favorites, classics or bestsellers like Lonesome Dove, The Winds of War or Cannery Row!

The site will feature a regularly posted review and always close with a link to Amazon or an independent book distributor that offers the books (used and new, hardback and paper or e-book) for very affordable prices plus shipping (many in the used paperback category for as low as pennies plus shipping).

Bob also reminds readers to join the millions of Americans who ask their local librarian to request titles.

Additional features include a browse-and-click along the top of the home page. 

  • Bob’s Bio takes readers to his background as a writer.
  • Bob’s Books display some of his “page turners” from the past.
  •  Notables’ Notes offers up brief page turner suggestions from readers whose credentials bring another level of interest to the PTFTP site.
  • Bob’s blog features short essays that relate to reading and writing.

For reviews of books—new and old—from all genres he suggests that readers take a look at The Midwest Book Review. Just click on http://www.midwestbookreview.com.