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Jack Pittman

Jack Pittman TIME cover illustration“Two of my favorite books deal with humor, to no surprise, being a humorous illustrator. The first was my “textbook” from editor emeritus of MAD Magazine, Nick Meglin—The Art of Humorous Illustration. Nick was my idol as a kid and is now my best friend since he retired from 50+ years at MAD and moved to North Carolina. His book was THE textbook for cartoonists when it was in print and we did a tribute to one of its chapter subjects, Norman Rockwell, on WUNC’s radio program “The State of Things” hosted by NPR’s Frank Stasio. Nick knew Rockwell personally and I often parodied Rockwell’s Saturday Evening Post covers as have many cartoonists.

Pure Drivel book cover“The other book is Pure Drivel by one of my favorite humorous writers, Steve Martin. This book is laugh-out-loud funny and demonstrates Martin’s wonderful gift with words. The chapter on “How I Joined MENSA” is one of my favorites (with my often-challenged 187 IQ.)

“I’ll mention a third book, Jim Valvano’s Guide to Great Eating. Yes, I illustrated the book, but I mention it because it was not only fun to do, but Jimmy V was also such a great sport at letting me caricature him. His only constraint was, “Just don’t make my nose too big!” It was such a fun collection of his favorite food and he was funnier in person than my drawings do justice.”

— Jack Pittman, award winning humorous illustrator. His clients range from Fortune 500 companies to mom-and-pop enterprises. Pittman’s illustrations have won numerous awards, including a Silver Star in New York’s One Show, and three times awarded in the National Cartoonist Society’ Reuben Awards for Best in Advertising and Best in Magazine Feature Illustration. His work can be found at

Primary Colors: A Novel of Politics

Primary Colors book cover

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by Anonymous (later revealed as Joe Klein, a NY Times columnist)
Random House (1996)

Just when we think we can’t stand to watch another insulting political debate, listen to one more second of biased talk radio, watch the TV networks TRUMP HUMP, “enjoy” the clown show that has become the run for the U.S. Presidency in 2016, Page Turners from the Past has to dig up Primary Colors. The incredible and credible “faction” not only gives us remarkable insights into the inter working of one of America’s favorite sports – a Presidential political campaign – it presents us with a look into the complexity of the characters who run for the highest offices of the land and the people who steer them along the way.

The novel, commonly referred to by the more literary as a roman a clef, is in fact that: a work of fiction that thinly describes real characters (Bill Clinton) and events (his first run for the Presidency), and has been compared to political classics like All the King’s Men and O: A Presidential Novel.

This beautifully crafted insightful novel takes us on a merry ride (loaded with laughs) along with a governor from an unheard of southern state through the perils of the primaries, and all the backroom and upfront politicking—glad-handing, debates, fund-raising, negative TV ads, dirt digging, deal making, touching and feeling – right to the door steps of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Read More »