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Monday Night Mayhem

Monday Night Mayhem book cover

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by Marc Gunther and Bill Carter
Beech Tree Books, William Morrow (1988)

A note to those of us who back in the early seventies got such a kick out of Monday Night Football.

Turns out it wasn’t just the viewing audience having all the fun.

Roone Arledge, the founding father of MNF, became the God of TV sports.

The unique broadcasts—the NFL on Monday night, the talented crew, the multiple cameras, the Honey Shots from the crowd—helped ABC Sports turn a profit for the first-time ever.

Sponsors like Miller Lite and Ford who bought the package tonned it.

The boys in the booth, Howard “The Coach” Cosell, “Dandy” Don Meredith and “Faultless” Frank Gifford, all suddenly household words, took celebrity to new and breath taking heights.

And perhaps more importantly, the televising of sports would never again be the same.

Hell, even Don Ohlmeyer and Chet Forte, those talented techno geeks who called the shots from the production truck, not only parlayed the telecasts into gigantic careers, but into their own personal chick magnet!

See a lovely lady in the crowd; send a gofer out to ask if she’d like to sit in the production truck and watch the “masters” (and Johnson) produce Monday Night Football.

If there’s a downside to Monday Night Mayhem for some it might be best described by the old saw regarding sausage, “Great to eat but you wouldn’t want to see how it’s made!” Read More »