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Clyde Edgerton

Author Clyde Edgerton“An older book I’d like to recommend is Candide by Voltaire. There is plenty of action in this book and a good bit of beneath the surface philosophy — applicable today. Additionally, the author’s wit and insight reminds us of the fact that we moderns are not getting any smarter; we just don’t have to work so hard to get places and do things, and that is not always good for us perhaps. The more things change the more they stay the same, as the saying goes.”

Candide book cover

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 — Clyde Edgerton, an award-winning author, teaches creative writing at the University of North Carolina at Wilmington. Among his works that have received national acclaim are RANEY, Walking Across Egypt and Killer Diller. For more about Clyde Edgerton and his books go to:


Raney: A Novel

by Clyde Edgerton
Ballantine Books (1985)

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Children, relatives or friends planning to take the big marital leap? Been checking out their gift registry on the Internet and then searching Bed, Bath and Beyond for that perfect buy?

Ah, but you’ve been there, lived the two-birds-in-a-single-nest life and would like to consider a more meaningful gift, something other than a blender or bathroom scales.

Because you’re a reader a book might be the answer, one that opens the couple’s eyes to the reality of marriage.

So you give Amazon a look-see.

HOW TO HAVE A GREAT RELATIONSHIP, HOW TO SAVE A MARRIAGE, WE CAN WORK IT OUT (and dozens of other ominous marital titles) practically jump into your “Proceed to Checkout” basket.


Reboot, jump on Amazon again and purchase a page turner from the past, one that may just be the best marital advice book ever written.

RANEY, Clyde Edgerton’s 1985 novel, the story of a young Southern couple’s first two years of marriage, not only gives readers a counselor’s eye view of the push-and-pull of marriage, it makes us laugh at ourselves and the whole “institution” for what it is—demise or compromise. Read More »

OPEN: An Autobiography

Andre Agassi OPEN book cover

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by Andre Agassi
Vintage Books (2010)

During his incredible high-profile career as a tennis champion Andre Agassi won a total of eight Grand Slams. After reading OPEN, his 2010 autobiography, I think we can say. . .make that nine!

OPEN is clearly a winner!

The #1 bestseller takes page turners center court (and behind the Agassi dark curtain) for a read that aces the sports book genre.

Insightful and candid, this detailed account of Agassi’s life—the overbearing father, the hated Bollettieri tennis boot camp, Agassi’s teenage rebellion, the injuries, the wins and the losses, the blood, sweat and tears (muscles, tendons, etc.), the bad marriage to Brook Shields—is somehow (perception not being reality) fueled by the simple fact that all the while this Rock-Star/tennis icon, a child who eventually grew up to be the #1 player in the world . . . hated tennis!

Therein you’ll find Agassi’s unlikely story.

Agassi plays both sides of the net in his compelling autobiography. Read More »