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Dannye Romine Powell


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“One of my memorable page turners from the past is Endless Love. Scott Spencer’s novel is about a teenage boy’s obsessive love for his girlfriend. He does indeed burn down her house. I interviewed Scott when the novel came out years and years ago, and he said he never burned down anybody’s house but he did have a bad case of obsessive love in high school.”

Dannye Romine Powell, Book Editor, Charlotte Observer

Mike Shannon

mediumMikeShannon[1]“I read Crime and Punishment every other year or so. Graham Greene’s The Tenth Man is also brilliant, gripping, and short.”

Mike Shannon, Editor-in-Chief, Spitball “The Literary Magazine of Baseball.” Tales from the Dugout; Everything Happens in Chillicothe, and Diamond Classics are among the numerous books written by Shannon.


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